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The  elevators were developed based on the concept of user-friendliness, beauty, practicality, and " environmental harmony".

Vasatile Design Arrangement

A series of models have been developed to cope with the increse in the load capacity from 450 kg to 1600 kg, and the speed from 60 m/min to 150 m/min.

Fine Operation

HITACHI has developed a supervisory control system called "FI (Flexible Intelligence) series". This software is applicable to a wide number of uses in buildings, and realizes individualization through the use of "Fuzzy" and "Expert" systems. The parameters are adjusted according to actual utilization conditions of the elevators. HITACHI prepared two grades of supervisory control systems in accordance with the parameters.

Noise Reduction

The IPM (Intelligent Power Module) is characterized by large-capacity, low-loss, high-speed switching, and equipped with a self-protecting function. By using this IPM, the switching frequency has been improved to 10 kHz.

Full Range of Functions for the Age of the Intelligent Building

Microprocessors connected by SCL (Serial Communication Link) are located in the car, on each floor and in the machine room. This enables flexible expansion of the system.

Use of RISC Microprocessor

The digital-control system uses the RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) microprocessor to digitally process everything from the speed command input ot the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) pulse output.

Door Open/Close Control
(Speed feedback control)

The door open and close control is governed by PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). The rotary encoder detects the open/close speed and position of the door and feeds back the signal's speed to the door control microprocessor. The microprocessor processes with the pre-set speed command and controls the door open/close speed.


For Low-Medium Rise Residential,Hotel ,Office,Retail. 
Hitachi has developed VFI Elevators based on the concepts of user-friendliness, beauty, practicality, and "environmental harmony" for passenger use.

VFI Elevators have a wide range of capacity and speed to meet the customers’ various requirements:

  • VFI (Mini–Machine Room) with capacity ranging from 450kg to 1,000kg and speed ranging from 60m/min to 105m/min); and
  • VFI (Conventional) with capacity ranging from 1,150kg to 1,600kg and speed ranging from 120m/min to 150m/min).


Electromagnetic noise has been reduced by incorporating an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) as a large–capacity, low–loss, high–speed switching drive element in the main circuit of the inverter.

Attractive designs were developed to create a feeling of comfort and relaxation. In addition, designs can be varied to harmonise with the diverse range of modern building architecture.

VFI Elevators have a control performance and energy–saving feature that has been improved by incorporating an inverter controller in the elevator.

Hitachi VFI-II Elevator Catalogue (Mini–Machine Room)

HVF (High Speed)

For High Rise Residential ,Hotel,Office .
Hitachi HVF  Elevators offer unique solutions for your buildings. 

The HVF is a high speed elevator that offers the best of Hitachi technology, functionality and design. It is available in capacities from 750kg to 1,600kg, and speeds from 180m/min to 240m/min.

Hitachi HVF Elevators also set high standards for compactness and efficiency, with double disc brake, advanced inverter technology and 32–bit RISC microprocessor control.

Microcomputers in the car, floor entrances, machine room and other equipment are connected by Serial Communications Links, giving both passengers and supervisors a high degree of operability.

HVF designs are also outstanding, with a wide range of styles available. Using computer graphics, Hitachi can even paint original photos or designs onto car walls by scanning them into computers that control the painting process.

Hitachi HVF Elevator Catalogue (Conventional)

UVF(Ultra High Speed)

For High Rise Residential ,Hotel,Office.
Hitachi UVF Elevators offer the best of Hitachi technology, functionality and design. 

The UVF is an Ultra high–speed elevator that is available with capacities from 1,150kg to 1,800kg, and speeds from 300m/min to 540m/min.

Intelligent Group Control gives the UVF the ability to flexibly meet usage demands throughout the day. Three different control systems are available to match building size and number of elevators. The FI (Flexible Intelligence) System uses fuzzy logic, an expert system and genetic algorithms to achieve extremely detailed control, such as individual floor priority functions.

Designs are also outstanding, with a wide range of styles available. Using computer graphics, Hitachi can even paint original photos or designs onto car walls by scanning them into computers that control the painting process.

Selecting and making the most suitable elevator system is the key to realising a comfortable building. We hope that the information contained herein will serve you in your overall plans for buildings.


Hitachi UVF Elevator Catalogue (Conventional)

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