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The Hitachi Inverter elevator:
Vertical transportation for the next generation.

Hitachi's interface concept, which aims to make high technology user-friendly, has now been applied to the development of the Hitachi inverter elevator. By combining state-of-the-art electronics and ultra-precision manufacturing technology, comfort, safety, noise reduction and energy conservation are achieved. Creating a new world in elevator transport, Hitachi's inverter technology brings 21st century comfort and quality to your offices and hotels.


Hitachi escalators are at work moving people everywhere in hotels, offices, department stores and many other types of places. Advanced technology is used for the sole purpose of upgrading comfort. This is combined with a creative ability to flexibly modify products so that they blend in with the surrounding environment.

Moving SideWalks

For Smooth, efficient and safe transportation of passengers in stations, airports and shopping malls

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