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The Siam-Hitachi Elevator Factory, built to international standard, stands on
60 rais plot of land in the Bangpakong Industrial Estate, Phase 9 (Amata Nakorn). The factory includes much highly sophisticated machinery and benefits from the transfer of technology from Hitachi (Japan) Ltd.




Location :

700/899 Moo 3,Amatanakorn Industrial Estate Phase 9,T.Nongkakha,A.Panthong, Chonburi 20160

Tel : (038)-212-310 - 23
Fax : (038)-212-338 - 39
Land Area

96,461  squaremeter

Building Area 24,512 squaremeter
Start Operation October 1992
Production Capacity 1,500 units/year

Manufacturing Product

Siam-Hitachi Factory can manufacture the elevator having the speed from 60 M./min. to 150 M./min. and the loading capacity from 450 kg .(6 prs.) to 1,600 kg.(24prs.) as well as have 3 following main kinds for the client's selection :

  • Passenger Elevator
  • BED Elevator
  • Observation Elevator

The above three product categories can be made as the machine room type or the machine roomless type based on the client's requirement.

Main machine

  • Sharing Machine (4 M, 3 M)
  • Press Brake (200 Tons, 100 Tons, 80 Tons)
  • CNC turret punch (30 Tons)
  • NC Machine Center
  • Iron Worker (45 Tons)
  • Painting Line (1 Line)



CNC turret punch
Control Panel assembly

Iron Worker
NC Machine Center

Training Tower

Our Intention is to manufacture elevators, escalators and moving sidewalks to the highest standards of quality and efficiency with longest possible life-spans. To help attain this goal, we have constructed a training tower located just behind the main factory in order to provide installation and service training of HITACHI elevators and escalators. Many models of elevators have been installed in this training tower for the purpose of training all relevant staff members to acquire all the necessary knowledge and skills to install, inspect and service our products to the same standards throughout the country. Apart from this advantage, the training tower is also used as an experimental room for components of new models of elevators which have been recently developed to check whether they can be used in accordance with our objectives. This allows us to develop products which will satisfy our customers and in which they will have increasing confidence.


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