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An attractive building adds beauty to its surroundings. Hitachi Observation Elevators make an attractively individualistic building even more appealing. Find out more on what Hitachi Observation Elevators can offer you by calling us at +65 6416 1711.

Today, the atrium design in buildings brings wide open space and a relaxing atmosphere to more and more shopping centres, office buildings, hotels, resorts and other places where people gather. Hitachi Observation Elevators enhance the open space concept and add to its atmosphere.

The Observation Elevator’s stylish lines complement its airy surroundings and attract the attention of people nearby. Passengers experience a feeling of freedom during their mini–odyssey through vertical space.

Hitachi shows how to take advantage of the space defined by new buildings. The Observation Elevators combines design and function, to bring the best for both the passengers and our customers.