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VFI II For Low-Medium Rise Residential,Hotel ,Office,Retail,Hitachi has developed VFI Elevators based on the concepts of user-friendliness, beauty, practicality, and "environmental harmony" for passenger use.

VFI Elevators have a wide range of capacity and speed to meet the customers’ various requirements:

  • VFI (Mini–Machine Room) with capacity ranging from 450kg to 1,000kg and speed ranging from 60m/min to 105m/min); and
  • VFI (Conventional) with capacity ranging from 1,150kg to 1,600kg and speed ranging from 120m/min to 150m/min).


Electromagnetic noise has been reduced by incorporating an IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) as a large–capacity, low–loss, high–speed switching drive element in the main circuit of the inverter.

Attractive designs were developed to create a feeling of comfort and relaxation. In addition, designs can be varied to harmonise with the diverse range of modern building architecture.

VFI Elevators have a control performance and energy–saving feature that has been improved by incorporating an inverter controller in the elevator.

Hitachi VFI-II Elevator Catalogue (Mini–Machine Room)