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For High Rise Residential ,Hotel,Office .
Hitachi HVF The Elevators offer unique solutions for your buildings. 

The HVF is a high speed elevator that offers the best of Hitachi technology, functionality and design. It is available in capacities from 750kg to 1,600kg, and speeds from 180m/min to 240m/min.

Hitachi HVF Elevators also set high standards for compactness and efficiency, with double disc brake, advanced inverter technology and 32–bit RISC microprocessor control.

Microcomputers in the car, floor entrances, machine room and other equipment are connected by Serial Communications Links, giving both passengers and supervisors a high degree of operability.

HVF designs are also outstanding, with a wide range of styles available. Using computer graphics, Hitachi can even paint original photos or designs onto car walls by scanning them into computers that control the painting process.

Hitachi HVF Elevator Catalogue (Conventional)