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The maintenance Automatic System (MAS) can be connected to a microcomputer controlled elevator and can transmit information which has been taken in to the monitoring center via a general public line to remotely monitor elevator failure and diagnosis stale. Also, one can directly communicate with the center through the interphone inside the elevator car and has a current-loop interface as a function for communication with the interfaces MAS and SR-S of the building station (SE-S)


  1. Failure detection only by connecting a communication line such as a SDA cable without remodeling the elevator side.
  2. A direct call function without remodeling the interphone.
  3. Independent telephone line control to share a customer's telephone line.
  4. Combination with SR-S series by current-loop when monitoring facilities.
  5. Confirmation of diagnosis data and validity flag by carrying computer.

The mechanic arrives at the job site with information, tools and parts to work on the elevator.