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What gets constant use needs constant care. To assess the reliability and efficiency of the machinery a maintenance program is a significant part of your overall elevator system. Hitachi maintenance operates under the highest international standards, employing an experienced and knowledgeable service staff using the most advanced tools and parts, and ensuring prompt service.

The only way to get top performance and long life out of your elevator system is to choose a company that is both reliable and consistent yet innovative.

Remember your elevator is often the first impression visitors have of your building.


Replacement Part

Every Hitachi office maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts and has access to all original parts, so we are able to provide fast delivery of quality replacement parts for all Hitachi elevators and escalators.

Our Hitachi Web site ensures that all your maintenance questions are answered and you are processed in the most timely and efficient manner possible. Our maintenance service is available to clients seven days a week around the clock.

We respond to any need with the expertise that can only come from highly trained personnel.


"Modernization" is a comprehensive renewal of an old elevator system in order to improve its safety, functions and design, any elevator system, similar to other building equipment, comes to the end of its service life even if and appropriate maintenance is done. As years pass by, it becomes more difficult to get parts, causing you inconvenience such as longer lead time of manufacturing, or longer down time of the elevator system. In addition, function of elevator and safety standard are changing year after year due to the change of social environment.

Effect of Modernization

  • To realign comfortable acceleration and quiet generation to save electric power consumption by so to 30% (different by model)
  • To shorten ride time by loss-free accelration/deceleration improvement of postion accuracy.
  • Latest design of cage interior, request button, etc. capability to quickly respond to emergency by additional remote control alarm system
  • Improved and earthquake performance by construction with a new and earthquake standard.
  • Solution for social welfare issues such as wheel chair specification.

Maintenance Automatic System

The maintenance Automatic System (MAS) can be connected to a microcomputer controlled elevator and can transmit information which has been taken in to the monitoring center via a general public line to remotely monitor elevator failure and diagnosis stale. Also, one can directly communicate with the center through the interphone inside the elevator car and has a current-loop interface as a function for communication with the interfaces MAS and SR-S of the building station (SE-S)


  1. Failure detection only by connecting a communication line such as a SDA cable without remodeling the elevator side.
  2. A direct call function without remodeling the interphone.
  3. Independent telephone line control to share a customer's telephone line.
  4. Combination with SR-S series by current-loop when monitoring facilities.
  5. Confirmation of diagnosis data and validity flag by carrying computer.

The mechanic arrives at the job site with information, tools and parts to work on the elevator.

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