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SX Series

Brilliant HandrailDesigns
Embracing Illelatest LEDlighting feature thatis aesthetically appeal ng,energy savingand environmentally rriendly.
LED Handrail Lighting
Utiising the innovative system or Ille LED lighting technology thatis built ror endurance,it has also met  with rising global environmental-focused demands and cost-effective energy savings solutions.
LED Skirt Guard Lighting (Optional)
LEDlighting appication that surrounds along the skirt guard. Beautifully crafted to inetease visibility, creating animpactful visual statement within the escalators.


Streaml ine Handrail Design
Combining ergonomical-based solutions and streamline design concepts, the end result is one of the finest escalators engineered .

With a broad spectrum of colours  to choose  lrom to complement all types or architectural style.

Escort Line
Ergonomically designed Escort Line Handrails allow ror better grip,thusineteasing saretylevels.

Model: Standard SX-EN

Transparent temper glass with slim handrail frame
- Soft and concise design
- Fit to most all application in Thailand
- High safety feature

Model: Elegant SX-N

Model: Luxurious SX-NL

Model: Durable SX-P

Transparent tempered glass with handrail frame

Transparent tempered glass with handrail frame & lighting

Stainless steel hairline finishing vertical panel


Hitachi SX Model Escalator Catalogue