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The new millenium, but we are the same as ever.

The Hitachi Inverter elevator:
Vertical transportation for the next generation.

Hitachi's interface concept, which aims to make high technology user-friendly, has now been applied to the development of the Hitachi inverter elevator. By combining state-of-the-art electronics and ultra-precision manufacturing technology, comfort, safety, noise reduction and energy conservation are achieved. Creating a new world in elevator transport, Hitachi's inverter technology brings 21st century comfort and quality to your offices and hotels.

  • Smaller Power Source: 30% reduction in power source requirements
  • Lightweight: 30% reduction in total weight of machine room equipment
  • Space Savings: 20% reduction in machine room space requirements
  • Energy Savings: 10% savings in power consumption
  • Clean Inverter: No interference with electrical apparatus
  • Optimun Safety: High-quality performance maintained by self-diagnostic functions with a dual microcomputer system
  • High Flexibility: Rewritable software for future adjustment at the site.
  • Quiet, Accurate & Smooth Riding: Thanks to Hitachi's high-technology

Machine Room Elevator

The elevators were developed based on the concept of user-friendliness, beauty, practicality, and " environmental harmony".

Machine Room-less Elevator

For Low-Medium Rise Residential ,Hotel,Office,Retail
"machine room-less-ness" and the space saved can be utilised effectively, which maximise rent–able space and reduce construction costs for our customers

Bed Elevator

For Hospitals.
VF (inverter) control is the result of the latest power electronics technology, Power consumption and the capacity of power supply facilities can be cut in half (compared to previous Hitachi models)thanks to this remark able new method (see figure below).

Freight Elevator

For Factories,Warehouses ,Retails.
Hitachi Freight Elevators Meeting the Distribution Industry's Needs

As the Distribution Industry continues to expand worldwide, the need for functional, appropriate freight equipment increases. To keep pace with diverse requirements and expanding services, distribution systems must improve organization and mobility. In response to these challenges, Hitachi has expanded its freight elevator line to twenty different models.

By utilizing its years of experience, Hitachi is able to offer elevators for every need and situation. Whether it be for a factory, warehouse, department store or shipping center, Hitachi makes one suited to your requirements.

Ranging from small capacity elevators to ones large enough to carry a loaded fork lift - each is based on Hitachi's advanced technology and reputation for safety, reliability and ease-of-use.

Observation Elevator

For Hotels,Retails.
"The elevator moves, and the scenery changes". The Hitachi Crystal Elevator commands a fascinating view that delicately changes as it goes up and down. It entertains passengers to the fullest with an interesting view.

Home Elevator

For Houses.
Hitachi Home Elevators embody a number of innovations to ensure interior comfort. 

Hitachi Home Elevators’ car cage boasts gently contoured walls, bright sophisticated lighting, easy–to–read car operating panel, safety handrail for the elderly and a personal mirror for convenience. These design considerations combine to fulfil the needs of our users.

Dumbwaiter Elevator

For Restaurants,Warehouses,Factories,Hospitals.
Dumbwaiter Elevator Moving things from one floor to another doesn't have to be so much trouble. If struggling on stairs or having to share elevators has become more trouble than it's worth, take a look at the Hitachi dumbwaiter. Whether it's a hotel, a restaurant, a hospital, a library, or even a factory, Hitachi has a dumbwaiter for your needs.

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