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Dumbwaiter Elevator For Restaurants,Warehouses,Factories,Hospitals.


Five Types with Eighteen Varieties to Choose from From a n Easy Lifting Table Type to a Roomy Floor Type

Moving things from one floor to another doesn't have to be so much trouble. If struggling on stairs or having to share elevators has become more trouble than it's worth, take a look at the Hitachi dumbwaiter. Whether it's a hotel, a restaurant, a hospital, a library, or even a factory, Hitachi has a dumbwaiter for your needs.

Hitachi offers five types in eighteen varieties that can handle loads from 50 to 500 kg. Choose from this wide variety of models the one best suited to your needs. The table design is ideal for foods, dishes or office needs while the floor type is best for handcarts and trolleys. Experience the Hitachi way of moving your work easily, efficiently and safely.