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For Smooth, efficient and safe transportation of passengers in stations, airports and shopping malls

New End Line Allows a More Natural Grip and Release

A new end created after extensive ergonometric studies enables riders to grip the handrail in a more natural position when stepping on and off the autoline.

Unique Pallet Technology

Hitachi Yellow Demarcation

A Yellow Demarcation made from synthetic resin is provided on both sides of the pallet to clearly differentiate it from other pallets. This zone allow at-a-glance confirmation of where to step.

Raised Tread on Both Sides

To prevent shoes from catching in the skirt guard, the tread of the stepping plates is 8mm higher on both sides.

Stainless Steel Pallets

Hitachi is the first in the industry to introduce stainless steel pallets. They are pressed from stainless steel plates. The higher strength of stainless steel prevents the pallet surface from being deformed by umbrella tips or other sharp objects. This substantially increases the life of the Pallets.

Slim Handrail

The width of the handrail is narrower and more comfortable to hold. Even children can hold on to these handrails with ease.

Approch Lanes Guide Entrance and Egress.

The landing plates feature approach lanes that lead passengers to the pallets in order to make the traffic flow more obvious. A patterned area on the landing plate, the same width as the pallets, facilitate passenger movement when entering and exiting the autoline.

Helical Gear Drive

A compression between helical gear drive and a similar Hitachi system without helical gears showed approximately a 25% saving of energy for the former.


Standard Specifications of Type 800, 1200, 1600EX
(Horizontal type) Autoline
Type 800 EX 1200 1600 EX
Effective step width 800 mm 1200 mm 1600 mm
Speed 30 m/min or 40m/min
Angle of inclination 0 degree (horizon)
Operating system Key switch operation, reversible system
Motor type 3-phase induction motor
Power supply AC200-220/400-440V; 50/60 Hz

Standard Specifications of Type 1200EXS
(Inclined type) Autoline
Type 1200EXS
Effective step width
Speed 30 m/min
Angle of inclination 12 degree
Operating system Key switch operation, reversible system
Motor type 3-phase induction motor
Power supply AC200-220/400-440V; 50/60 Hz

Material and Finish

Item Description Model EX-P Model EX-N
Balustrade Panel Stainless steel, hairline finish Clear tempered glass
Balustrade lighting -- Slimline lamp (option)
Handrail Composed of hypanion rubber (standard 8 colors)
Handrail frame Stainless steel, hairline finish
Desk cover Stainless steel, hairline finish
Skirt guard Stainless steel, hairline finish
Floor Comb Reinforced synthetic resin (color: light yellow)
Comb plate Custom printing of the cover plate (Option)
Landing plate Custom printing of the cover plate (Option)
Pallet Pallet tread Stainless steel, processed with roulette
Demarcation lines Synthetic resin-demarcation (color: light yellow) raised tread

Hitachi EX Model Moving SideWalk Catalogue